He is a doctor specializing in diseases of the male genital area and male fertility problems WHAT DOES AN ANDROLOGIST DO; He can be a general practitioner, urologist (specialist in the urinary system), endocrinologist (specialist in hormones), gynecologist, or sexologist (therapist treating problems related to sexuality.

The andrologist is a doctor who first followed a specialization in studying the genitourinary system (urologist). Dr. Ali Holistic provides the best Testosterone Pellet Insertion in the USA.  Then he orients his further training in the human reproductive system. The patients of this practitioner are therefore exclusively men, as opposed to the urologist who can treat the problems of both sexes. Therefore, we can say that the andrologist is for the man, what the gynecologist is for the woman. There is no surgical specialty in Andrology. Indeed, this medical specialty is generally provided by the urologist, who can have in-depth expertise by having followed, among other things, a DU in Andrology.

Why see the andrologist?

Several men still have difficulty seeing an andrologist, as diseases of the genital area are seen as shameful. In the extreme, these men will prefer to suffer and not take care of themselves, or even give up all sexuality, for fear of exposing their problem to a third party, even a doctor. They prefer to refrain from any verification, thus avoiding being confronted with what they experience as a narcissistic wound.

A yeast infection will be overlooked for weeks or months when a simple cream could solve the problem quickly. Burns or pain will be tolerated, although this may be the warning sign of more severe disease (STIs, diabetes, cancer).

Repeated disorders will be accept without worrying about yourself or your partner and asking too many questions. Given the symbolic importance of the genitals, the anguish aroused by these difficulties is generally much more significant than that experienced by women when faced with the same type of problems. The rule of thumb is that any new painful or bothersome symptom should require a medical examination. The GP can be consult first.

If the pain returns regularly, do not neglect it on the pretext that "you are use to it." Chronic damage to the testicles or the urethra, discomfort in the glans, a sudden drop in desire draw attention to a problem locate there and not elsewhere and which no longer owes anything to chance, since, precisely, it is happening. Repeats chronically or settles permanently.

Erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, erection problems, androgenic disorders, or even infertility are part of the skills of Andrology.

How does the consultation cost, is it reimburse?

A consultation with an andrologist is subject to the same rules as a consultation with a specialist. The doctor can therefore practice the excess fees.

When prescribed by your general practitioner, the consultation is covere by the Social Security fund.


Or make an appointment with an andrologist?

The French-speaking Andrology Society publishes a list of its members throughout France 

In all of our treatment centers specializing in shock waves, you will find an Andrology specialist to provide information and treat you in the best conditions. Premature ejaculation, the greatest fear of any man who starts his sex life or even after… This disorder is the first reason for consultation with a sex therapist, even before losing desire and impotence. What about this taboo dysfunction, often too associated with shame, lack of experience, and impairment of virility?

Premature Ejaculation: What is it?

We talk about premature ejaculation - or premature - when the erection does not last long enough for the wishes of the man concerned, and it is a recurring and not rare event.

However, two other factors are involve in the diagnosis of premature ejaculation:

  • The total lack of control over ejaculation.
  • The systematic situation generates a malaise.
  • We will speak of primary
  • or secondary ejaculation depending on the context of appearance:

Primary ejaculation

It corresponds to a precocity that has always existed from the start of sexual life and has not been regulated or regulated with time and experience. Secondary ejaculation appears later in sexual life, following a particular event or with specific partners.20 to 30% of men with an active sex life are affect by premature ejaculation.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

There are biological or psychological causes of premature ejaculation:

1. Biological causes 

Hypersensitivity of the glans.

Hormonal changes (hyper or hypothyroidism, for example).

A neurological disease (multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, etc.) or a nerve transmission disorder (hypersensitivity of serotonin receptors, abnormal level of neurotransmitters, etc.).

Chronic prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) or inflammation of the urethra.

Poor lubrication in the partner, resulting in friction that further stimulates arousal.

Specific medication is taken (psychiatric drugs capable of modifying particular messages in the brain).

2. Psychological causes:



3. Behavioral cause:

Frequent masturbatory activity in adolescence with a search for very rapid ejaculation. Complications in men with premature ejaculation

Even if premature ejaculation is not a disease and therefore not dangerous for physical health, mental health, on the other hand, can be significantly affect by this inability to control, both about the vision given by society on precocity. Doctor Ali provides the best Testosterone Pellet Insertion in the USA.  But also by an unfulfilled sex life for the man concerned and his partners. In the medium or long term, intelligent ejaculatory men tend to fold in on themselves, develop anxiety disorders, and this to the point of fleeing any romantic and sexual relationship. For men in a relationship, the relationship can be affect and sometimes end.


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